Outsourcing: meeting client and industry requirements on time and in budget

No matter what kind of business you operate, with the growing expense, and complexity of running any modern operation, comes the management headache: how to manage a wide range of specialist functions while remaining efficient, cost-effective and on top of processes. As an organisation evolves, management can become unwieldy – from both staff and budget perspectives.

The answer for many businesses has been to outsource crucial and speciality areas to focused experts who take on the work and responsibility, saving you time and money, and helping you to maintain reliable high standards of performance for your clients.  In other words: focus on your core and outsource the rest.

The value of outsourcing

Outsourcing is fast becoming the most popular form of business networking and partnerships, which mean a number of companies operate in constellation around the needs of another organisation. In fact, many companies now run as virtual corporations with central planning as the hub, and everything else outsourced.

Many companies form lasting partnerships with service providers to ensure continuity of service standards, pricing, and shared business outcomes.

Outsourcing gives you ample time to concentrate on strategy and implementation, client and industry requirements, and delivery.

Compelling reasons for outsourcing

Your organisation may have grown considerably and you’re finding that managing every operational aspect is becoming difficult. As the purpose of most business is to continue to evolve, it becomes necessary to source assistance with routine tasks, as well as projects that need to be individually handled for each of your clients.

  • Running everything yourself becomes costly with regard to infrastructure, equipment, staff, training, and management. An outsource company can negotiate competitive pricing, deadline structures, and reliability of delivery.
  • Your outsource company is not necessarily a small affair, but can be a large organisation with multiple clients of their own, able and willing to set up reliable, long-term partnerships offering proven expertise in a specialised area of business, service, or manufacturing.
  • The most valuable kickback, apart from general costs, is the saving of time. Hiring different outsource partners for different operations means you are able to bring time for real creative thinking and direction to your business. You have time to pay attention to strategy, innovation, forecasts, and excellent client service.
  • Whether you’re a new company entering the market for the first time, or entering a new market, or simply expanding and therefore requiring new staff, outsourcing is there to help you. From business consulting, through to management operations and technical projects, outsourcing works in tandem with the goals of your business, and can take you safely through many processes while delivering profit to your business.
  • Companies that act as outsource suppliers of services generally have extremely streamlined operations to service you at top performance levels, with flexible, professional staff trained and specialised in their fields. All of this comes at reduced costs, enabling you to employ the best without having to add to your staff complement on a permanent basis. Reduced overheads and ease cash flow.
  • Working from home or small dedicated project offices, reduces more than just monetary cost but also reduces the environmental load of energy and pollution.
  • Offering engineering skills around the globe can bring significant time and capacity advantages to clients.
  • Outsourcing to different international locations can also contribute to substantial cost advantages with exchange rate differentials.

It all boils down to trust. Navigating, finding and keeping a trusted outsourcing partner can be a daunting task.

Outsource Engineers to handle your project

Imagine you could take your pick from a dream stable of just about every kind of engineering resource available at a moment’s notice. OutEng offers just that. Comprising a network of trusted, experienced and highly skilled engineers, project managers and technical people, including ECSA registered engineers in almost every discipline, all our engineers are freelancers or contractors who are contracted in per job as their skill is required. Each operates as an independent Business Unit, therefore covering own overheads.

OutEng is setting new trends and standards in an agile, trust-based business style that is taking the engineering environment by storm. Across a multitude of cost-effective engineering and project services, you can expect:

  • solid expertise and experience
  • a unique combination of design, project management and engineering capability
  • well-informed professionals who are up to date with the latest research.


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