Engineering: developing lifestyles through design

“The production of customised products became possible with developments in technology. The brand can simply enter data in their computer system and make a special product for a customer without spending too much money.” ~ Shim, former head of Seoul Design Foundation.

Design underpins everything we use. Our lives have changed and societies developed over millennia because of design – essentially ideas formed and brought into being through other people’s vision. We rarely think about it, but design is integral to our social and personal perceptions. The way we experience our surroundings, and the way this makes us feel, has a significant impact on our daily lives.

The world through design

We perceive the world through our senses, which in turn triggers emotions. From this, we build a library of experiences that assist us to navigate through life and determine choices.

  • Design is born out of our ability to see things from a different perspective. Design should always be original and eloquent within its time, influencing lifestyle and creativity.
  • Design is either solution-driven to solve problems or artistically driven to express our creativity.
  • Solution-driven design is creative problem-solving. The designer will spot an opportunity for improvement, constantly studying people and environments, and how the two interact.
  • Design is everywhere – from a car to a bridge to the phone in your hand. It is colour and shape and functionality, persuasive and empowering.
  • Design helps us engage, it keeps us connected to the world, it is the foundational communication that helps us navigate our way through physical and emotional perspectives and today’s digital spaces.
  • For decades marketers have been tuning into methods through design to manipulate our perceptions of products, services, and entertainment – even culture, to gain maximum customer participation.

In short, design is purposefully geared to enhance our world and engage emotions. In this way, design ties experiences together and motivates behaviour, helping us to live more efficiently and comfortably.

How design has changed our lives

Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, whether or not we are aware of it, and can also be inspiring, empowering and enlightening.” ~ Alice Rawsthorn, design critic for the International New York Times and author of ‘Hello World: Where Design Meets Life.’

Being a designer means you will actually influence the way people move through their lives.

With the continuing rise of technology and data usage, there will be increasingly positive effects on society. The systems we design today will drive change in the way we live in the future, increasing beneficial effects in development and lifestyle.

From a running shoe to a post-it note, from an iPhone to an ergonomically designed office chair, our lives are touched and changed by design every day. These products demonstrate ingenuity, as well as an eye for beauty and function. Some are the first of their kind, while others have built upon existing concepts and improved them, making them more accessible to the general population.

Some designs are instantly ingrained in our lives, while others may be slow-brew, often dating back to the design and engineering surge of the 19th century. But it doesn’t matter how long a design has been around, what is clear is that at any given moment, design and technology are making our lives easier and more convenient.

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